Oliver Baker 7 years on – CWE has a proud past and an exciting future

2nd August, 2022

“We’re on a roll and I think we’re going to see substantial growth in the coming months”.

This statement from CWE’s chairman, Oliver Baker, as he looks back on his seven years of service, reflects an air of confidence at the firm. And for good reason. During that time, CWE has switched its focus to be more rail and customer orientated and is starting to see the benefits. Oliver outlines why he believes that’s turned CWE from a company doing good engineering work for its customers, to being a true partner. He also shares his thoughts on what the future holds for CWE as well as the wider freight rail industry.

Question: How have things changed during your seven years at CWE?

Oliver: We are much more rail focused and much more customer orientated than we were when I first arrived. We’ve always had great engineering skills but have learnt new skills in putting that expertise to use solving customer problems. We have developed a great can-do attitude and this has turned us from a company doing good engineering work for our customers, to a true partner for our customers.

Question: CWE has taken on a new direction recently to focus on the freight rail industry. What were the drivers behind this decision?

Oliver: From my first moment with CWE I wanted to see more focus on the rail sector as we were already doing great work on couplers in passenger vehicles but there was so much more we could do. Freight is a great opportunity because there are a number of forward-thinking freight companies looking for partnerships with the right engineering teams to become an integrated part of their supply chain. We love this – helping customers solve problems, becoming part of their team and transforming performance.

Question: Can you tell me a little about how it is all going so far?

Oliver: We’re definitely going places. We’ve had a great 12 months and our profile and reputation is growing enormously

Question: What do the next few years look like for CWE?

Oliver: From good to great. Customers are seeking us out – we think that’s because we’re different. They can sense our excitement and can-do approach. We’re on a roll and I think we’re going to see substantial growth in the coming months

Question: What about the freight rail industry as a whole? What trends are catching your eye and what do you think the near-future looks like?

Oliver: The sector is looking to push work out to dependable partners. It’s looking to manage the whole process from the float to the inspection process, repair and overhaul – basically an end-to-end service. It’s an enlightened way to go and requires complete trust in your partner. We like that.

Question: What are you most proud of during your time at CWE?

Oliver: Seeing a great team come together – watching people grow into their jobs and become great at what they do, watching plans take shape, hearing the positive vibes from the market. People are noticing us and think we’re different. That’s a great feeling, to have been part of creating that.

Question: What have the biggest challenges been?

Oliver: Nothing worth doing comes without challenges along the way. For any ambitious team, the key challenge is keeping positive when the changes you make don’t work out the way you want them to and when things take longer than expected. It takes maturity and self belief to keep going – confident that, despite the setbacks, the plan you’re on is worthwhile and will work out. It’s always a marathon and never a sprint!

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