CWE’s dedication to Social Value in the Rail Industry

What are we doing to meet our responsibilities?

We take our Social Value responsibilities seriously, and firmly believe that every organisation in the rail industry and beyond should strive to give more than it takes.

How CWE is meeting its Social Value responsibilities


We work closely with Doncaster National College for Advanced Transport and Infrastructure (NCATI) and Sheffield University’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) to provide apprenticeship opportunities to the next generation of rail infrastructure talent.

We regularly take on apprentices and provide training and support to help them hit the ground running in their careers. As part of this, we’ve committed to taking on two new apprentices or graduates each year.

“The best things about working at CWE are the opportunities, the people and the varied workload. When I first joined CWE, everyone was so welcoming. They understand your learning process and really care about developing you. Every member of the team I’ve worked with has been eager to pass on their knowledge to you and help you progress faster; to become the next them or better. It’s a group of genuine people who can have a joke together, which always makes the working day enjoyable.”

Reece Wilson, CWE Apprentice

Click here to learn more about our apprentices and what we’re doing to support tomorrow’s talent.

Community investment

We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without the help of our local communities, and we take our duty to invest in the local area – and the people within it – seriously.

From partnering with the Doncaster Chamber of Commerce to support with mock interview training at local schools, to attending careers hub meetings, we’re always willing to pass on our expertise and provide support to our friends and neighbours.

We’ve worked hard to build new local facilities and solutions to keep our work within the North Lincolnshire region. This not only enables us to provide employment and enrichment opportunities locally, but also to limit the distance our wagons travel for work and maintenance, minimising our carbon footprint.

We’re also very proud of the ongoing efforts we’ve made to make Doncaster the home of Great British Rail, due to the region’s rich rail heritage and skills base.

Sustainable practices

Our whole business model is built around refurbishing, overhauling, and reusing wherever we can, so it might come as no surprise that we have a real dedication to working sustainably.

We encourage our clients to keep rolling stock on the rails by taking a proactive approach to maintenance, and by acting as an experienced maintenance partner to keep existing rolling stock on the rail network.

Learn more about our work in encouraging repair and refurbishment in fleet maintenance here.

Charity and Sponsorship

We don’t just walk the walk, we’re dedicated to investing not just time but also money into local causes. From charity events to sponsorship, we’re striving to give back to the community in which we work.

In September 2022, we’re holding our first charity golf day to raise money for St. John’s Hospice in Doncaster.

We also sponsor the Doncaster Schoolboys U12 football team, helping fund the team’s kit and contributing to away day fees.

Ready to do more.

We’re always on the lookout for ways to do good in our communities. If you have a suggestion or would like to enquire about sponsorship, get in touch.You can also learn more about Social Value and how we’re meeting our responsibilities in our blog here.