Life at CWE – Making sure there is no buffering with your wagon service

21st February, 2024

At CWE, we’re proud to be part of the UK rail industry. We believe it’s a great place to work and that our friendly team showcases the best of the sector. In this series, Life at CWE, we’ll be providing a glimpse into the life of our staff. We hope this will give readers a sense of the work our brilliant people do and the diverse range of talents and skills that make up the world of rail engineering.

In today’s edition, we learn more about the man who makes things happen in our industry-leading buffer cell, team leader, Dez Rogers.



What are your core responsibilities and what does a typical day look like for you?

My responsibility at CWE is mainly the buffer cell, I make sure that the bay is running smoothly and the right buffers go through production and jobs come in and out on time. A typical day is making a start on the day’s buffers and checking to make sure everything on the job cards aligns to the buffers going through the conveyor belt. I make sure there’s no visual defaults and then crack on with the overhaul depending on what type of buffer it is and its requirements. We have quite a small team in the buffer cell but we make a great team.


What do you find most rewarding about your job?

The most rewarding thing about the job is definitely satisfied customers, I get a real sense of pride when we get positive feedback from customers, we recently had one write in and specifically thank us for all our hard work, and it just makes the day to day so worth it and I know the lads on the shop floor really appreciate it too.


Which of your personal skills helps you fulfil your role?

Without a doubt problem solving is the one personal skill that I use every day on the shop floor. There is always some obstacle to overcome, that’s just the nature of working in this industry and you need to think quick on your feet to overcome it so that you don’t put the production plan at risk.


What is your biggest piece of advice for apprentices or anyone who wants to learn how to make a difference in the buffer cell?

 Be prepared to get messy! This isn’t a behind a desk job, this is hands on messy work and you will always leave the office filthy! But it’s great experience and I really enjoy my job. I actually help train up the apprentices that come through the door, we’re committed to helping young talent progress and I’ve seen some real developments in the young lads that have come through. The ones that succeed the most are the ones that are willing to listen and learn, the more you take on board quickly, the easier your job becomes and anyone can come and do it as long as you apply yourself right!


Tell me something interesting about yourself

Something about myself?! I used to play football and I dabbled in music! We made a couple of rapping videos me and my mates when we were younger that’s on YouTube and Sound Cloud and I really enjoyed it!

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