CWE expands its leading bogie overhaul service

17th August, 2023

CWE Ltd, the independent supply, maintenance and logistics partner for the rail industry, has announced the expansion of its leading bogie refurbishing and overhauling service. 

The news comes after the Crowle-based business decided to ramp up its bogie menu as part of efforts to invest in the future of the company and provide customers with the best possible products and services. Currently, CWE has multiple bogie projects running through production – the highest recorded amount on site.

The expansion of its bogie menu will also enable CWE to offer its customers and partners a wider range of options, which can help to improve the performance and reliability of their trains and better meet their specific needs.

In addition to what we already offer as part of our best-in-class bogie service, CWE is now able to refurbish, overhaul and repair of the following:


  • 15X – build up and machining
  • 14X – repair
  • 334 – thread repair
  • 390 – repair
  • 22X – repair


  • CL66 – shotblast, MPI, repair repaint
  • 333 – repair


  • Swing motion
  • Y25 – overhaul
  • Y27 – shotblast, MPI, repair repaint
  • TF25’s – overhaul
  • WU83 – overhaul
  • BA642’s – overhaul
  • GPS – shotblast, MPI, repair repaint
  • WU83 – overhaul
  • BA 642 – overhaul

Dave Bates, Commercial Director, said: “This is incredibly exciting news for CWE’s partners and customers. Bogie repair and overhaul is one of our core services and we’re delighted that we’ve now managed to expand on that and make it even better.

“With more than five decades in the rail industry, CWE has the experience and expertise to bring our customers a faster, independent service at a fairer price. With our lean processes in place, our bogie repair and overhaul service benefits from lower turnaround times which reduce unnecessary downtime to get rolling stock rapidly back on track. Now, even more customers will be able to benefit from that.”

For more information on our refurbishment, overhaul and repair services, click here.

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